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Hardeman Adoptable Animals (HAA) is a volunteer-based organization that saves dogs from the Hardeman County Animal Control kill facility. The organization places these rescued dogs in a safe shelter that is located in the county landfill, but operated by the HAA volunteers. Upon arrival at the shelter, the dogs are evaluated, cared for by a veterinarian if necessary, and placed on the list of available/adoptable dogs. All dogs taken in are strays, owner surrenders or breeder throw aways. HAA protects the dogs from euthanasia and adopts them out to appropriate homes or delivers them to rescue groups who can place them in a forever home.

HAA Adopted Dogs

Please send pup-dates to and put your pup’s name in the subject line.

Come Join Us for Another Fun Bunco Night July 29th!

You can purchase your tickets here. Just click on the link.

Ebay For Charity

Support Hardeman Adoptable Animals, Inc. when you shop or sell on eBay. This is made possible by the eBay for Charity program which has helped eBay buyers and sellers donate hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities (and we’re one of them!)

  •  • MAKE US YOUR FAVORITE! First, personalize your shopping experience to benefit our organization by making us your Favorite charity on eBay. This will help us more than you know.
  •  • DONATE TO US IN EBAY CHECKOUT: By making us your Favorite, you will automatically see Hardeman Adoptable Animals, Inc. as your preferred charity when you buy anything on eBay, making it easy to add $1 or more upon checkout.
  •  • SELL YOUR ITEMS TO BENEFIT US: Last but not least, help us instead of a thrift store: sell your used items on eBay and donate as little as 10% (1% for vehicles) or up to 100% of your sale to benefit us. When you sell, simply look for the eBay for Charity signature blue and yellow ribbon next to “Make a donation.” Check out the benefits you’ll receive:
    •      + eBay will waive your Final Value Fees to the extent you donate. (e.g. donate 20% and see 20% of your Final Value Fees waived)
    •      + The tax credit from all of your donations is yours to keep.
    •      + Items that benefit charity sell better, as buyers trust sellers that support charity more.
    •      + Help the world by upcycling/recycling. Plenty of items that might otherwise end up in a landfill can be readily used by others that may not have the means to buy something new.
    •      + Feel good for doing good.
  •  • SELL YOUR USED VEHICLE TO BENEFIT US: Unlike other charity auto programs, you can sell your used vehicle on eBay and donate up to 100% to benefit Hardeman Adoptable Animals, Inc.. This often can result in a larger donation than the $500 or less you may receive from a dedicated charity auto program. Sell and donate the proceeds today.

You Did It! Matching Donor Challenge Complete!

You Did It! Matching Donor Challenge Complete!

HAA is so happy to say YOU DID IT! Thank you to all our supporters who gave to our Matching Donor Challenge. We met this goal tonight at 10:03.

Your faith in us and your overwhelming generosity proves we can do this-there WILL be a new shelter for Hardeman Dogs!


As of 9 am this morning (Thursday), we only need $441 to reach our goal by tomorrow at midnight! Please share!

Donations can be made through PayPal or credit card by using this link – or make checks payable to HAA, send to P. O. Box 513, Bolivar, TN, 38008. Please note “For the Building Fund” on your check so the money goes to the construction of the new shelter.


7 days to go-we can do this! Thanks to everyone who can donate, share, and help with our first challenge to help the dogs of Hardeman County.      We appreciate you!

Donations can be made through PayPal or credit card by using this link – or make checks payable to HAA, send to P. O. Box 513, Bolivar, TN, 38008. Please note “For the Building Fund” on your check so the money goes to the construction of the new shelter.

Matching Donor Challenge

Hardeman Adoptable Animals has an anonymous donor that will give us a $5000.00 gift toward our building fund, provided it is matched within two weeks. But we need your help to make it happen! Please help spread the word. This would give us 15% of the funds needed and enough to put a down payment on a building to house the dogs! We hope to have more matching donation challenges every month and a great place for our dogs by the fall.

Donations can be made through PayPal or credit card by using this link – or make checks payable to HAA, send to P. O. Box 513, Bolivar, TN, 38008. Please note “For the Building Fund” on your check so the money goes to the construction of the new shelter.

Upcoming Fundraisers

Saturday, June 10th, we have a few different fundraisers going on. We have the pet massage class at noon and then the pet sprays class at 2pm. Then, that evening we have a shrimp dinner. We still have the shoe fundraiser going on and you could bring shoes to any of these events!

Need Help Getting Your Pet Spayed or Neutered?

We are happy to announce a new program to help Hardeman County residents receive FREE spay or neuter appointments for your pets, thanks to the assistance of our rescue partner Minnesota Paws.

Any person who volunteers at the HAA shelter for at least 20 hours can have his/her dog or cat spayed or neutered for free. (This does not include vaccines or other expenses.)

You will be cleaning indoor and outdoor kennels, washing bowls, doing laundry, walking dogs, and other duties as asked.

There are many benefits to having your pets spayed or neutered. The chances of cancer decrease; they are less prone to show aggression; and they live longer. And the biggest reason is because hundreds of thousands of animals are euthanized each year due to overcrowded shelters because pet owners don’t have their pets neutered.

To have your pet “fixed” for free you must:

> Schedule volunteer hours in advance. HAA is open 365 days a year. Daily operating hours vary slightly from day to day, but are usually 9AM to 1PM.

> If you want to take advantage of this opportunity but are unable to work at the shelter, you can have someone do these hours on your behalf. These instances must be agreed upon prior to hours being counted.

> Anyone under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian complete a Release of Liability form on their behalf.

> Release forms and names of people volunteering on behalf of a pet owner must be on file (in writing) before hours can be logged

For more information please TEXT (do not call) Charla Cooper at 731-234-4421 or Maia Broyles at 731-609-7552, or stop by the shelter Monday through Saturday 9:00 – noon.

The shelter is located inside the Hardeman County Landfill on Walton Road.

Thank You Earth Rated

THANK YOU to those who nominated our shelter! We received this email this morning.

Hi Hardeman Adoptable Animals,
We have blankets for you! Our Spread Love campaign encourages our fans to nominate deserving shelters and rescues to receive a donation of 20 large, super cozy fleece blankets. We’re happy to tell you that Hardeman Adoptable Animals was nominated and selected! All we need is your mailing address and the contact name or department you’d like us to send it to and we’ll get your blankets out to you right away!
If you want to learn more about the Spread Love campaign you can do so here: watch?v=nFDwli8G85g

Thank you for all you do to help animals in need.